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11-02-2004 - PRESS RELEASE
GetOutsource launches a new & improved

GetOutsource launches a new & improved

Wednesday, February 11, 2004 - GetOutsource launched its redesigned website, featuring a much more detailed portfolio and capability listing. The new design provides excellent usability and is considered to be representative for the agency's marketing efforts.

'Our new site highlights the fact that our agency is on the leading edge of creativity', said Sebastian Molnar, CEO & Founder of GetOutsource.

The achievement is a part of GetOutsource's brand repositioning effort that is explained by the shifts in the agency's vision. The new slogan, 'Creativity is key to prosperity' emphasizes the essential role played by creativity in achieving revenue-friendly results through Design (corporate identity, advertising, web design) and Programming (web programming, software, CRM solutions).

Located in CT, GetOutsource is a design / programming services agency delivering strategic, top-of-the-line solutions to worldwide clients and mainly the US Connecticut / NewYork area.



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